Hyejeong Yoo (b.1992 in Seoul) is a photographer and currently lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. After receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Photography from Chung-ang University, she moved to Germany and graduated in 2022 with a Diploma in Photography in the class of Heidi Specker at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.

Her works derive from questions surrounding concepts of birth and death, presence and absence. Reflections of existence are replaced by dust drifting through the air, sculptures in cemeteries, and the physical burden of carrying the Other. Her interests also lie in the tension and unfulfillment of language in human and non-human relationships. She presents her work in a performative way – opening up a dialogue between the subjects inside of the frame and engaging as a participant herself standing behind the camera. Natural light, silence, strict com-positions and the empty eyes of her subjects are essential to her staged images. Her work raises questions of time and existence in the here and now.


2022           Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Diploma, Class of Heidi Specker, Leipzig, Germany
2016           Chung-ang University, B.F.A in Photography, Seoul, South Korea
2013           Bauhaus University, Exchangestudent in Medien Kunst, Weimar, Germany

Selected Exhibitions

2022           Carrying, Caring, HGB Gallery, Leipzig, Germany (solo)
2021           Fernweh, Poiesis Gallery, Markleeberg, Germany
2021           Margo, Me and More, HGB Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
2021           Come Closer, Spinnerei Halle 14 UG, f/stop Reflections, Leipzig, Germany
2019           Science-Fiction-History, Gallery of European Art School of Bretagne(Quimper), France
2019           Let us stop here, SMAC, Berlin, Germany
2019           World Biennial Of Student Photography (Academy of Arts in Novi Sad)
2018           Copenhagen Photo Festival
2017           After You, Kunstraum D21, Leipzig, Germany
2015           Vision, Gallery Luminarie, Seoul, Korea
2014           5colors, Gallery Yoondesign, Seoul, Korea

Awards and Grants

2020           HGB Studienpreis
2020           Artist in Residence, SASSO Residency, Vairano, Switzerland
2018           Deutscher Jugendfotopreis
2011           Academic Excellence Award, Chung-Ang University, Korea

2017           Shortlisted, Athens Photo Festival, selected art work “Presence”
2019           Shortlisted, Centrale Festival, selected art work “Das Leben des Todes”
2019           Shortlisted, Athens Photo Festival, selected art work “deine Arme um meine Schultern”


2022           Monthly Photography Magazin, No.649, Seoul
2020           Drei Klang, No.5, Leipzig (Oper Leipzig Magazin),selected art work “Untitled”

2019           Blank Vol.1, Wien, selected art work “Brilliant Lies”
2015           Jigeum Vol.3, Seoul, selected art work “Presence“

© Hyejeong Yoo